Thursday, August 9, 2012

TBS CG Office Party

Here are a few photos from my mini going away party at TBS. I worked in the CG department for a total of 4 weeks. Everyone in the department was extremely friendly and very patient with me as I tried to learn a little Japanese every few days. I worked in an office with about 9-10 other guys who were all working on projects ranging from title design to motion graphics for the Olympics to crazy openings for TBS dramas.

Kenji (on the left) was my mentor and was a huge help in developing the ideas for the media stairs. Kenji is also a very talented CG artist and was modeling and animating a soccer ball when I left.
Hayato (on the right) is another talented CG artist and was also a great help to me over the month. He was working on some sweet title designs for a TBS drama.

Saito-san is a project manager in the CG department. He took me out for some delicious toriwasa (chicken sashimi).

More general office silliness.

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