Saturday, July 21, 2012


On Thursday we were taken to Midoriyama studios to watch the making of the show Beginners!
"Class S is full of dropouts, weak students, and timid students who have come to this Police Academy to become future policemen/women. They must obey everyone and every rule without question. They are under surveillance 24 hours a cell phones, no going out, and no dating."

The day before the crew had been at work for 24 hours strait. We watched them shoot a classroom scene, in which the instructor had to get his hand repeatedly slammed underneath a textbook until the director found the correct shot.

We sat up stairs in the control room, watching the scene unfold through multiple monitors. It was amazing the amount of editing, color correction and sound that was done on the spot. The studio itself was pretty large with life scenes replicas of a bathroom, bedroom, teachers office and classroom.

No pictures... I didn't really want to impose since they were already doing us a huge favor by bringing us there. But here is the intro for the show. You can see parts of the classroom:

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