Sunday, July 1, 2012

No Nukes Protest

While going for a rainy walk this afternoon I randomly ran into a protest parade. There were many No Nukes signs, creatively decorated umbrellas, a punk marching band, another band playing on a trailer, and lots of police escorts. I was surprised at how well the parade was organized and by the huge mixture of people marching. Everyone seemed very upbeat and many waved for people watching on the streets to join. I've seen quite a few protest parades around Berkeley and Oakland and have not always been able to figure out exactly what they were protesting. But the signs in this parade were 100% clear, despite being in another language.

In early June Japanese Prime minister Yoshiko Noda announced that two nuclear reactors would reopen and that their safety was guaranteed. But apparently many aren't convinced and public polls state that 70% are against using nuclear power. The parade was a call for Noda's resignation.

More information on the protest can be found here.

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